Ander Bonecreek


Nascimento: 27 de Flamerule de 1465 CV.

Born a commoner with a rough childhood, I was taken in by the Host Tower of the Arcane first as a servant and later as an apprentice. A natural thirst for knowledge and power led to poor decisions and I bargained a pact with the Raven Queen: in exchange for her favor I was to act as her acolyte, hunting down those who defy the cycle of life and death

Expelled from the academy, I found my way as a bounty hunter and adventurer, the path which I thought would lead me to opportunities of obtaining magical lore.

I veil my thirst for ancient, forgotten (and even forbidden) knowledge with sarcasm and panache, and have no problem getting my hands dirty if it will sustain or further my eternal quest.

Hiding my magic unfortunately isn’t as practical with Edgar – a spirit Raven, both a treasured companion and babysitter for the Raven Queen – always around, so instead I choose to make it part of my persona. There is no need to worry, everybody, I’m a wizard.

Ander Bonecreek

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